Knowing organisational functioning, the foundation of transformation

Our experience is that organisational cultures are complex integrated systems comprised of co-evolving processes & relationships. Understanding & effectively transforming them requires developing an integrated view of knowing how they function from a number of different perspectives

Based on our 20 years of research & practice our Dimensions tools support organisations to understand the tangible attributes that contribute to effective transformation & the complex implicit factors that often go unnoticed. They provide insight into:

Culture Dimensions – identifies patterns & systemic relationships in operational functioning

  • Benchmarks cultural performance against operational best practices
  • Identifies leadership practices that inform/sustain thinking & behaviour
  • Reveals unknown potential & derailment factors

Mindset Dimensions – maps key capabilities & behaviours that form the culture

  • Identifies patterns in workforce thinking & behaviour
  • Explores the what & how of organisational working practices
  • Creates an operational & strategic benchmark

Leadership Dimensions – highlights preferences, motivations & traits informing cultural performance

  • Draws awareness to patterns that enable/disable leadership performance
  • Benchmarks individual & team practices against industry research
  • Supports leaders to create & implement individual & team transition strategies


Our diagnostics are used for:

  • Clarifying the approach of a transition journey
  • Untangling distressed organisations & projects
  • Assessing transformational progression 
  • Benchmarking organisations & culture