Values in Practice: Healthcare


Organisational Challenge

A large 5,000 person Healthcare organisation, discovered that their espoused organisational values were out of sync with day-to-day functioning. Despite significant resource investment in communication and training, they were challenged with translating strategic aspirations into meaningful understanding that could be consistently practiced at all levels throughout the organisation. The impact was a divergence in understanding of what their values looked like in practice and growth of conflicting subcultures

We were engaged to support the organisation to co-create a behavioural framework, to clarify what ‘good values practices’ looked like in the organisation. And, to support the Change, and HR functions to design and implement approaches that would support leadership development, performance and talent management processes



We supported the organisational change team to:

  • Design the organisation engagement strategy
  • Engage the workforce to nominate exemplars of practicing the organisational values in their day-to-day work
  • Develop capability to facilitate 500 behavioural event interviews with the exemplar candidates
  • Produce map of values based behaviours, that were used for performance and career management, professional and leadership development
  • Design the organisational implementation strategy and transition approach



Values were tangibly observed and experienced at all levels of the organisation. The workforce reported them as being clear to understand and translate into their daily clinical/operational working practices and development planning processes


Long-Term Impact

  • Ambiguity and diversity in the translation of the values into to practice removed
  • Clearly defined talent management processes
  • Workforce assessment and development processes directly aligned to the organisational values