Turnaround of Operational Dysfunction: Financial Services


Organisational Challenge

A large Global Financial Services organisation had a regulatory mandated system integration programme running for 2 1/2 years with no tangible outcomes. The operational impact resulted in part of the organisation heading for regulatory standards enforcement, presenting a significant challenge to regional operations and revenue generation

We were engaged to support the executive team, to understand the operational functions of the programme and to provide recommendations to accelerate delivery and outcomes



We partnered with the executive and programme teams to:

  • Diagnose the programme’s political, cultural and operational landscape
  • Map and rebalance mindsets and capabilities against operational roles
  • Create a programme transition map clarifying enabling/disabling patterns of behaviour
  • Support executive and programme teams to develop transition leadership capabilities
  • Engage and involve programme team to implement the transition strategy
  • Reduce politics and remove fear of failure by clarifying strategic and operational deliverables, roles/responsibilities
  • Introduce new key roles, shifting power dynamics and redeploy exhausted resources



Within 12 weeks, the programme went from underperforming and over budget, to producing tangible deliverables to meet regulatory requirements with additional savings on expensive resources


Long-Term Impact

The programme developed its own a self-sustaining culture and was used to adopt and deliver other struggling projects