Outsourcing Integration: Investment Banking


Organisational Challenge

A Global Investment Bank, were near-shoring parts of their 1,500 person operational function within the UK, and found that they were not leveraging the strategic and operational benefits from their transformation programme. Processes and systems were not working in the same way as they had, when they were part of an integrated function and when challenges were identified they were taking a long time to rectify

We were invited to provide assistance in identifying the causes of their challenges, and to support the implementation of their transition process and deliver their strategic agenda



We supported the joint executive leadership team and operational managers to:

  • Identify the balance of mindsets and capabilities required to create the strategic intent and operating model
  • Map existing mindsets and capabilities and resources in the nearshore site
  • Rebalance and integrate mindset mix to achieve the operational strategy
  • Design and build processes for information integration across regional boundaries (UK, Europe & US) and within teams
  • Facilitate the redesign and restructuring of key processes and structures
  • Enable all impacted resources to relocate to the new operational function or be redeployed to other parts of the organisation



Within 9 months, the organisation created a newly skilled workforce, operational processes were more efficient than when co-located, and substantial savings were obtained from reduction in contractor resources, travel and expenses


Long-Term Impact

The organisation, built institutional knowledge and sustainable practices for benchmarking resource mindsets against strategic and operational requirements. The approach of this project was replicated in all further outsourcing initiatives