Introduction to Transition Dynamics

Introduction to Transition Dynamics

Hi, we would like to introduce Transition Dynamics and ourselves to you. We are a specialised culture transformation practice, founded by Catherine Hayes, Kenneth Refshauge and Simon Morgan.

Through our careers working with change and transition we have realised that organisations often unknowingly derail their own transformation agendas. The cause being a gap in the current transition leadership and management knowledge, processes and practices available.

In response, we have developed diagnostics and approaches to bring relationship-based Transition Leadership Practices, into the field of organisation and cultural transformation. 

We work in complex and often messy spaces, and have set up Transition Dynamics to support organisations to achieve their transformation objectives. Be that translating organisational values into practice; designing and implementing new operating models; turning around operational dysfunction; outsourcing integration; or facilitating mergers & acquisitions.

All of the transformations we support have specific challenges in common. They are all highly complex in nature and require individuals, leaders and managers to face and adapt their responses to work effectively with ambiguity and the unknown. They require individuals and organisations to understand what practices are needed to achieve their desired outcomes, and more importantly, which practices are getting in the way, hindering progress, that they need to find a way of letting go of.

Our approach and methodologies for working with transitions have been developed over 20 years of supporting and facilitating growth, change and transformation within large blue-chip organisations. And, have proven to be effective in a wide range of sectors and scenarios.

Our industry experience ranges across a number of sectors from global financial services (investment banking, asset management, private and retail banking) through healthcare, pharmaceutical and consumer goods sectors. We have extensive experience of working within the UK and across the US, Asia Pacific and Europe.

In forming Transition Dynamics, we are consolidating cutting edge capabilities and extensive experience, to help leaders create high performance cultures and support them to navigate complex change.

We are excited to assist organisations with thinking, strategies, designing approaches, and most importantly, how to successfully navigate the complexities of converting ideas into tangible profitable outcomes. 

If you are on a complex transition journey, or are considering starting one, we would be happy to speak with you.

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