An integrated process for creating sustainable transformation

Our six step approach assists organisations to work with the increasing pace & complexities of change, generating effective performance & long-term sustainability beyond our involvement, by

  • Understanding the complex dynamics of transitions & how to work with them
  • Gaining clarity & insight into enabling/disabling factors
  • Uncovering & replicating key practices for organisational success

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Our flexible approach has been used successfully for

Cultural Transformation – supporting senior leaders to understand & transform the operational functioning & behaviour of a global financial division, by eliciting key factors that enabled/disabled business performance. Engaging the whole workforce in the transformation process & developing new transition capabilities

Business Development – facilitating new business start up, avoiding unnecessary ‘reinvention of the wheel’ by understanding the processes, implicit strategies, capabilities & skills of successful relationship management & sales teams

Leadership Capabilities – replicating existing successful leadership practices across the organisation. We supported leaders to identify, understand and develop strategies, practices and mind-sets already delivering results within their existing environment

Service and Product Innovation – enhancing service & product distribution in challenging markets. Supporting strategy development & implementation to deepen service knowledge across the organisation, by articulating the thinking & knowledge structures of technical experts

Client Relationship Management – improving service standards & client experiences by understanding, mapping & replicating the specific attributes (attitudes, values, beliefs, behaviours, skills, capabilities) of successful client & stakeholder partnerships